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According to the FBI, 95% of all fights end up on the ground.  With this in mind, one would think that the logical formula for Martial Arts training would be to train 95% on the ground and 5% standing up, right?  Well maybe not quite that lop sided, but oddly enough many traditional "Karate" schools are doing just the opposite, training almost all stand up, with little or no work on the ground.  Why?  Well, most of the blame could be placed on the movie industry.  Hollywood makes more movies about strikers than grapplers because the average American thinks that punching & kicking is more exciting to watch than grappling.  From a movie producer’s perspective, punching & kicking sells more movies, more movies means more money, and you know the rest of the story.  Unfortunately, after years of being “brainwashed” by these types of action films, the American public now believes that a good striker can beat a great grappler, when in fact it’s the other way around.

The striking arts are nice additives but incomplete by themselves.  In today’s world of mixed martial arts if you don’t know how to grapple you are at an extreme disadvantage.  In a real fight, a grappler is favored to win, and in the world of grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is king.  A skilled Jiu Jitsu fighter will force the fight to the ground and gain total control of his opponent in a relatively short period of time, even appearing somewhat calm as he maneuvers around.  The Jiu Jitsu fighter will often dictate the tempo of the fight, forcing his opponent into perplexing, awkward positions while he himself seems to be somewhat comfortable, almost relaxed even.  The Jiu Jitsu fighter is always maneuvering for a superior position and at the same time waiting to “catch” his opponent in some submission hold.  The essence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not to trade strength with the opponent, but rather to out position him/her and then wait for the opponent to make the inevitable mistake.





Ø       KARATE PRACTIONERS:  Good with hands and feet, but most karate systems don’t put enough emphasis (if any) on ground fighting.


Ø       BOXERS:  Have far superior hand skills than a Karate man or a Wrestler but boxers don’t address ground fighting at all.


Ø      WRESTLERS:  Great at takedowns and pinning your shoulders to the ground but lack the submission knowledge necessary to finish a tough opponent.


Now this is not to imply that all other styles are useless.  On the contrary, there are significant benefits to be gained from practicing any Martial Art, however one needs to understand the difference between traditional karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Most traditional karate systems are still using techniques that were designed hundreds of years ago and at that time the art of fighting was not as refined as it is today so they could get by on those techniques, but if you drop into a horse stance today and try to reverse punch someone you're going to get beat to a pulp by the office manager of Staples.  In todays world traditional systems simply do not work very well on the street - they are too antique.  Think about it; how many antique devices do you know of that can out perform a modern device?  Fighting has evolved, but then again there will always be people who prefer antiques.  Personally, I don't want to have to hitch up the mules to go to work, I'm getting in the corvette!


Regardless of whether it's a traditional system or a modern system any Martial Art system not addressing groundwork is an incomplete system. 


Bottom line is that most non-grappling styles just don’t prepare you for the real thing.  Most attacks happen fast and kind of clumsy, which makes a knockout very unlikely.  A typical street fight will start off with an exchange of blows, go into a clinch, and end up on the ground.  If neither of the fighters are experienced grapplers, the bigger (or sometimes the stronger) person will often end up on top and try to overwhelm his opponent with a barrage of wild punches.  When its over, both fighters will be gasping for oxygen, and more often than not, one if not both of them, will have injured their hands from repeatedly striking the other person and/or the ground.  With Jiu Jitsu, it is actually possible to defeat an opponent without throwing a punch, thereby reducing the chance of injuring your opponent, and most importantly, yourself.  The secret to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lies in its powerful leverage and chess-like strategies. 


Unlike most other styles, you don’t have to be athletic to be good in Jiu Jitsu.  You also don’t have to be strong to defeat a strong opponent even if your opponent is an experienced grappler.  For any given attack, you have dozens of possible counter attacks to answer back with.  Your opponent attacks, you counter his attack with a move of your own, he counters your counter, you counter that, etc., etc.  The choices of moves and combination are endless.  Jiu Jitsu has hundreds of joint locks, chokes, and sweeps, all of which can be tailored to suit your own particular body, and because of that each person will develop their own personalized style, slightly different then anyone else because it’s built around their own particular strengths, weaknesses and limitations. 







Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is easy to learn and fun to do, and as good a cardio workout as you'll ever find.  If you want to lose weight or gain weight, get fit or stay fit, learn self-defense or just get some stress relief, then Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the martial art for you.  It's so simple that anyone can do it, almost regardless of age, weight or body type. 






It's Easy

The techniques in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program are easy to do and easy to learn. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires very little strength making it the ideal choice of self-defense for women. All of the moves allow you tremendous leverage over your attacker, almost regardless of their size or strength. Too good to be true? Read on.

The Basics

First you learn the basics.  Basic positions, basic defenses, basic escapes, basic chokes and basic joint locks.  In the first few months you will repeat the basic techniques hundreds of times, and in doing so you will start to understand the mechanics that make the techniques work.  As time goes on, we introduce some of the more advanced variations of the same basic techniques, which are also easy, because by now you are starting to grasp the basic principals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and can see similarites between the different moves and how it all ties together.  All lessons are repeated from time to time to ensure that every student fully understands how the moves are done, and gets plenty of practice doing them under the watchful eye of the instructor.

The Rape Position (The Guard)

We teach a multitude of defenses and escapes from the most common rape positions.  Before a man can rape a woman he must first get inbetween her legs.  In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this is called "The Guard" position. A woman trained in "The Guard"position can be a deadly weapon, even when the attacker is twice her size.

Defenses From Stand Up Attacks

In addition to the learning how to defend yourself on the ground, you will also learn dozens of defenses and escapes from the most common attacks that would occur while you are standing up such as wrist grabs, collar grabs, hair grabs, chokes front & rear, bear hugs front & rear, and headlocks, to name a few.


Women trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu feel better, look better, and put off an air of confidence.  Most attackers will sense this and are more likely to move on to easier prey.  Don't rely on pepper spray.  Arm yourself with an education in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.






Today our children face numerous physical and mental obstacles in their daily lives of which we are not always aware. Your child's ability to accurately judge a dangerous situation can be as critical as how they choose to react to it. To protect themselves when we are unavailable, our children need to be able to first accurately judge the situation presented, and second understand what they are realistically capable of accomplishing. When a child is capable of correctly defining these key elements, they are better able to defend themselves accordingly and effectively.


Bullying is considered to be the leading cause in low self-esteem and although almost every child experiences it, less than 15% actually report it. Many times they are too embarrassed or are in fear of retaliation from the bully. Bullies will persist as long as the other children are scared of them and the longer the bullying lasts, the greater the psychological damage will be on the victim. The only guaranteed way for children to prevent the bully from targeting them is to be able to stand up for themselves. We teach children how to stand up for themselves, and if necessary how to defeat the bully head on using the proven techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Peace Of Mind

The piece-of-mind acquired in knowing that your child is equipped with the mental and physical skills to deal with aggression is both paramount and invaluable to a parent. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is designed to guide your child into their own sense of ability and mastery; equipping them with the ability to handle aggression with measured control and effectiveness.

Usable, Practical Skills

Our young students leave each class with usable, practical skills designed to keep them safe on their own and to help them grow into strong, decisive and capable adults.

A Regis Lebre Training Association

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