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Our Kid Jiu Jitsu program has been specifically designed for young children ranging in age from 7 to 13 years old.  We work a lot of tumbling and coordination drills in order to improve their motor skills, athleticism, strength and physical conditioning.  Although the theme of each class is on "Sport Jiu Jitsu" we also integrate self-defense situations as well.  The goal is for them to gain the skills, and confidence they will need in their own ability to defend themselves should they ever have to. 

During the course of teaching Sport Jiu Jitsu we also integrate self-defense situations, so that in the event of a school yard confrontation your child will know how to handle the situation we try to make sure that each child is having fun and smiling; that's the number one priority at Southside.  A happy child learns a lot more with a lot less effort.  We've also found that it's a lot easier to get children to try "new stuff" when they are happy and smiling. 

Kids get bored easy so we keep the classes short.  Our Kids class is only 50 minutes long.  This ensures that we don't bore them to sleep with too many repetitive drills and exercises.  Once a kid becomes bored, forget it, their attention span goes out the window.  By restricting the class to 50 minutes we can keep things moving and keep things fun. 

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