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 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for competition, self-defense and fitness

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SPONSOR A FIGHTER:  We need financial help sending our competitors to various tournaments.  Most of the tournaments we compete in are within driving distance but the Pan Ams and the World Championships are in California.  Our team is made up of average white and blue collar workers and as tight as times are these days many of our guys just can't afford to do what they love to do.  Expenses can add up fast.  There are entry fees, travel expenses, and sometimes hotel accomdations to consider.  Most of our competitors have full time jobs and can barely afford to pay for their own training let alone tournaments and uniforms.  We have several students with world class talent that want to turn pro but need more experience and more exposure at the professional level.  We need a little help sending our competitors to these tournaments.  Our sponsorship program is very flexible.  You can spend anywhere's from $100.00 to $10,000.00 depending on how many of our athletes you want to sponsor, which tournaments you want them to compete in, and whether or not you pick up the tab on the uniforms too.  To give you an idea of the cost, if you sponsored one competitor to compete in one (local) tournament it would cost you about $100.00.  A small team of six competitors for a years worth of (local) tournaments would run you about $6,000.00.  Don't let the big figure scare you off.  Not everyone owns a fortune 500 company.  There are also many levels of sponsorship inbetween.  

TOURNAMENT HOSTING:  We can run the entire tournament for you, or just sell you the flow charts.  Just need referee's?  Not a problem.  Contact us to find out what your options are.

A Regis Lebre Training Association

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